DING Guofu


Head of Department of Manufacturing Engineering

Email: dingguofu@swjtu.edu.cn

Office: Room 206, Institute of Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology, Jiuli Campus

Links: https://faculty.swjtu.edu.cn/dingguofu/en/index.htm



PhD, Southwest Jiaotong University, Machine Design and Theory (2000)

M.A., Southwest Jiaotong University, Mechanical Manufacturing and automation (1997)

B.S., Shenyang Aeronautic Industry University, BEng in Manufacturing Technology (1994)


Academic Appointments

Chair Professor of mechanical manufacturing and automation, School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2005-present)

Associate Research Fellow, School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2002-2005)

Administrative Appointments

Deputy dean of school of Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department of Manufacturing Engineering

Director of Institute of Advanced Design and Manufacturing(IADM)

Director of Innovative Research Centre of Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Software

Head of digital design and manufacturing research group for complex products at Southwest Jiaotong University

Research Interests

? Digital design and manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing

? Numerical control and manufacturing equipment

? Digital twin and intelligent maintenance


Principal Publications of the Last Five Years

Jian Zhang, Tingming Deng, Haifan Jiang, Haojie Chen, Shengfeng Qin, Guofu Ding, Bi-level dynamic scheduling architecture based on service unit digital twin agents, Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Volume 60, 2021(60): 59-79, . (doi.org/10.1016/j.jmsy.2021.05.007)

Jianlin Fu, Jian Zhang, Guofu Ding, Shengfeng Qin, Haifan Jiang, Determination of Vehicle Requirements of AGV System Based on Discrete Event Simulation and Response Surface Methodology, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers[J], Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, First Published February 20, 2021(doi.org/10.1177/0954405421995602)

HaoJie Chen, Guofu Ding, Shengfeng Qin, Jian Zhang, A Hyper-heuristic Based Ensemble Genetic Programming Approach for Stochastic Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem, Expert Systems with Applications, 2021, 1674):114174

Haifan Jiang, Shengfeng Qin, Jianlin Fu, Jian Zhang, Guofu Ding, How to model and implement connections between physical and virtual models for digital twin application, Journal of manufacturing System,2021, 58(1):35-51

:Haizhu Zhang, Shengfeng Qin, Rong Li, Yisheng Zou, Guofu Ding (2020), Progressive modelling of feature-centred product family development, International Journal of Production Research, 58:12, 3701-3723, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2019.1634295

Lei Jiang, Bingkang Peng, Guofu Ding, Qin Shengfeng*, Zhang Jian*, Li Rong. Optimization method for systematically improving non-contact R test accuracy[J]. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2020: 1-15.

Zhang Jian, Ding Guofu, Zou Yisheng, Qin Shengfeng, Fu Jianlin, Review of job shop scheduling research and its new perspectives under Industry 4.0[J]. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2019, 30(4):1809-1830.High cited paper

HaoJie Chen, Guofu Ding, Jian Zhang, Shengfeng Qin, Research on Priority Rules for the Stochastic Resource Constrained Multi-project Scheduling Problem with New Project Arrival. Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 137, November 2019, 106060

Haizhu Zhang, Shengfeng Qin, Rong Li, Yisheng Zou. Guofu Ding, Environment interaction model-driven smart products through-life design framework. 2020, 334): 360-376. DOI: 10.1080/0951192X.2019.1686176

Zhu SW, Ding GF, Qin SF, Jiang L, Li Z, Yan KY. Integrated geometric error modeling, identification and compensation of CNC machine tools[J]. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 2012, 52(1): 24-29. High cited paper

Selected Awards and Honors

Machining accuracy measurement technology of "s-specimen" at five axis CNC machine tool, the second award of the Scientific and Technological Progress of the State(2020)

Collective award of "Scientific Research and Education" (2020)

Key technology and application of digital design and manufacturing of high end mechanical and electrical equipment, First prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Advancement Award (2015)

Theoretical system, key technology and engineering application of rolling stock track coupling dynamics, First prize of national science and Technology Progress Award

Professional Activities

Committee member of Sichuan rail transit Standardization Technical Committee(2017)

Member of editorial board of Journal of system simulation(2011)

Executive director of Chengdu society of mechanical engineering(2008)

Member of machining Committee of Sichuan Mechanical Engineering Society(2004)


Current Research

National key R & D project, 2020YFB1708000, Integration theory of cyber physical system for product lifecycle and closed loop feedback, 2020 / 11-2023 / 10

Sichuan Province's first comprehensive production and education integration demonstration project,WB0100111022101,Industry-Education Integration Demonstration Project of SWJTU -Jiuzhou Electronic Information Equipment Manufacturing, 2021/01-2022.12

Sichuan Science and technology project (Applied Basic Research), 2020YJ0215, Research on production self-organization and self-adjustment of digital twin workshop, 2020 / 01-2021/12

China-UK University Service "One Belt And One Road" Innovative Education project, Digital twin-driven lifecycle smart product design and manufacturing for railway industry,2020/04-2025/03

Research Group

Dr. Ding charges digital design and manufacturing group.


Primary Teaching areas

Manufacturing technology frontier

Freshman Seminar

Current Courses

Manufacturing technology frontier

Freshman Seminar


I am available for supervision. Over the past five years, I have supervised about 12 PhDs and 30 masters.