ayx爱游戏官网:Students of the school of mechanical engineering won the highest prize in the 2022 American Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition


    The 2022 American College Students' Mathematical Modeling Contest (mcm/icm, referred to as "the contest") recently announced the award results. Guopeng, a teacher of the school of mechanical engineering, instructed students qianzhuoyi (Industrial Engineering), xiaofangcheng (Industrial Engineering), zuyaokai (electronic information of the University of Electronic Science and Technology) to participate in the competition of question F. After several rounds of competition and selection, the team finally won the highest award - "outstanding winner (also known as o Award)". This year, 27205 teams participated in the event, with about 80000 participants. Only 44 teams were finally rated as "outstanding winner" (the winning proportion was only 0.16%), and 2 teams in Sichuan Province (the winning proportion was 4.6%). The o prize won by the team is the only one won by southwestjiaotonguniversity in this competition, which fully demonstrates the ability of mechanical students in practice and innovation. The above achievements are greatly benefited from the high attention paid by the University and the college to the cultivation of Undergraduate Practice and innovation ability, focusing on the efforts of high-quality quality development, actively building a multi-dimensional platform, and comprehensively improving the innovation spirit, entrepreneurship awareness and innovation and entrepreneurship ability of undergraduates.

    The American Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest (mcm/icm) began in 1985. It is sponsored by the American Federation of mathematics and its applications. Every year, it attracts many countries and regions, including the United States and China, to participate in it. It is the highest international mathematical modeling contest and the most influential mathematical modeling contest in the world. The content of the competition involves many fields, such as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine, security, and so on. The competition requires the participating teams to complete all the work from model building, solution, verification to thesis writing on the specified problems within the specified time, which reflects the participants' ability to study problems and solutions and team spirit. The "outstanding winner" of the competition is the highest pursuit and dream of many participating teams.