Graduate programs

Graduate programs

The school of mechanical engineering has five doctoral and master degree authorization centers, including mechanical manufacturing and its automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, mechanical design and theory, vehicle engineering, urban rail transit technology and equipment. In addition, the school also has a civil engineering discipline of heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning engineering of master’s degree program.


Supported by the national grant system, the school has a relatively complete graduate grant system, and has issued national grant management measures as well as university-level and school-level grant management measures. The grant coverage reaches 100%, and the grant can meet students' basic living and learning needs. In addition, in order to encourage graduate students to study diligently and to devote themselves to scientific research, the university and the school have set up various kinds of special scholarships in combination with the development goals and actual situations. Over the years, the grant and coverage of graduate students have been kept at a higher level.

The school attaches great importance to the practice and innovation training of graduate students. To improve the practical ability and training quality of graduate students, the university and the school encourage graduate students to carry out various forms of academic training and academic exchanges, and regularly invite well-known experts at home country and abroad to give academic reports or hold academic research lectures and innovation forums. The school trains graduate students to become the backbone of scientific research and participate in various scientific research projects. In recent years, the school undertook the national key projects, 973 subjects (including national defense 973), national science and technology major projects, the national natural science fund major instrument special item, a key project of national nature fund and other kinds of national, provincial and other enterprises and institutions entrusted with more than 1000 scientific research projects, contract funds more than 300 million yuan.

At present, the school has more than 1200 postgraduate students and 200 doctoral students. In a hundred years, the school formed a spirit of "profound virtues, persevering practice, diligent and far-sighted" of the mechanical engineering. The school has trained a large number of talents, with Prof. Shen Zhiyun as outstanding representatives. The average annual employment rate of postgraduates is as high as 95.64%, which is widely praised by employers.